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Welcome to Pretty Quarter Horses!
We are a small Quarter Horse hobby farm located in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. 
Our goal is to focus on reining, cutting, cowhorse and roping bred horses. The majority of our horses are high percentage Foundation Quarter Horse and are either registered or eligible to be registered with the Foundation Quarter Horse Association.

Our mares have correct conformation, good bone, solid builds, and willing personalities. They all possess the quality we look for in producing quality foals!

Foals that we raise are bred for reining, cutting, cowhorse, roping, and all around ranch and trail horses. We fell like we have the right match between our mares and the stallions we choose to breed them to, to produce foals that you can enjoy out in the pasture, ride down the trail, and/or take into the show pen.

Enjoy your tour, and thank you for visiting Pretty Quarter Horses! :)

What To Expect From Our Horses:
  • Performance and/or working horses in their pedigrees
  • Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines
  • Athletic ability, whether they are showing off out in the pasture or are working under saddle, they have it naturally!
  • Correct conformation
  • Solid builds
  • Willing personalities
  • Easy going and friendly dispositions
  • Flashy colors, when we are lucky enough to get them!

Our motto is Quality Always, Color is a Bonus

A Little About The Care We Give Our Horses:

    • VETERINARY: Our two regular veterinarians, Krishawn Kaibel DVM of Kaibel Equine Veterinary lives a couple towns over...and Tim Johnson DVM of Osceola Veterinary Services lives a few miles down the road. We also have access to 3 large veterinary facilities (Anoka Equine, Stillwater Equine, and the University of Minnesota), each an hour and a half or less from our farm.
    • VACCINATIONS: Our horses are vaccinated every spring (foals received their first vaccines and boosters in the fall) with EWE (Eastern Western Encephalitis), Tetanus, Rabies, and West Nile Virus.
    • FARRIER: Ashley Mork is our farrier. Our horses hooves are trimmed regularly, generally every 6-10 weeks depending on the season (typically 6-7 weeks thru summer, 7-8 weeks thru spring and fall, and 9-10 weeks thru winter). 
    • DE-WORMING: Our horses are also on a regular de-worming schedule. The adults are paste de-wormed the last week of every other month, on a rotational schedule given a different de-wormer each time. The foals are paste de-wormed every 4 weeks (alternating between Ivermectin, Strongid, and Safeguard) until they are yearlings, at which time they are put on the same schedule/routine as the other horses.
    • FEED:  We feed Purina Mills Ultium Growth, it fits perfectly for just about every horse in the herd as it is especially for broodmares, foals, and young growing horses. They are grained twice daily, and are fed grass hay three times daily. The horses also have free access to a white salt block and fresh clean water at all times. 


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